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This is our wild hare... and really fun if you happen to have an extra pair of soccer shin guards around...

Poms on Water
Photo courtesy of Laura Kendall

This ancient German breed is very popular as a market goose throughout Europe. In Europe it is found in Grey and White but the most popular and common form is Saddleback. In the US only the Saddleback varieties are common, in both Buff and Grey. The beak, legs and feet should be a deep pinkish-red and the paunch is single-lobed. These geese are good layers, producing 60-80 eggs in a season. Ganders weigh 17 to 18 pounds and geese about 15.

In Europe, Buff Backs are not considered the same as the Pomeranian, but rather is a term to describe the coloring of any saddlebacked breed. I'm showing my ethnocentrism (or maybe just laziness) by including them here.

Feathersite Presevation Link

Brokers and Pinky
talking to the pigs


Brokers, Pinkie and Goofy
growing up with piggie neighbors is interesting

Some of our endangered breed preservation activities. 

Currently a sitting  Trio of 1 Goose and 2 Ganders.

Pinkie, our one  and only goose  began laying this winter and has now decided to sit  a nest of unknown number after kicking two eggs out ... must not have smelled quite right?


very blue eyes

Pomerainian Saddlebacks  have pink beaks and feet, with pretty blue eyes

The 1st goose egg
Pinkie got her seasons a bit mixed - it was nearly 20 below

Chickens watch the geese
Geese watch the pigs



Our Cats also help with the inspiration for the farm.

3 Bengal girls
2 Siamese girls

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PBJ Farm
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Speaker of the Farm


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